Peanuts: The Film the Comic Deserves?

So far there’s only one film coming out this year I’m looking forward to as much as Star Wars VII, and it’s not Jurassic World. Or Pixar’s Inside Out. It is an animated film called The Peanuts Movie, based on the comic by Charles M. Schulz (my initial response was “Yes! It’s not live action!”).

I’m looking forward to it, not only as a fan of the comics, but also because, having seen the trailer, I sense a new direction for the studio behind it, Blue Sky Studios. The creators of movies such as Ice Age, Rio and Epic, their films are generally well animated but otherwise very generic in terms of story and humour. Well, deciding to adapt Peanuts is ambitious to say the least.

Peanuts is definitely up there with Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield as one of the best and most beloved comics of all time. If Blue Sky are able to adapt a comic this prestigious, which is also characterised by its heart, humour, and lack of adults, villains and logic (therefore very difficult to make a feature film out of), I’ll be happy to tip my hat to them.

(And the animation looks wonderful!)


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