The Death of Xtravision

Greetings to the blogging and non-blogging communities. It’s been a while, but an event occured today that was so drastic I had to write about it immediately.

My local video shop closed down. In place of the shop will be a vending machine where you can rent a video for a night and return it.

I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal to all you on Netflix, but we don’t have an X-Box or smart TV in our house, so the damage is quite significant. After all, why go down to the video shop while you can sit at home and select a film from a database the same way you’d order room service from the world’s most diverse restaurant?

However, even with all this choice put in front of them, most people would only eat the food they’re familiar with.

That’s the value of a video shop. While the selection may not be the widest, you can actually talk to someone who is passionate about films and can recommend films you may not have heard of, not just a database throwing up films based on a few keywords.

Tune in next time for further discussion on the death of film criticism in terms of the disproportianate ratings of Rotten Tomatoes


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